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3 Tips To Keep Your Motorcycle In Great Shape

15 January 2019
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A motorcycle can bring you hours of entertainment whether you ride it competitively or just to get around town. If you're new to motorsports and you're looking to purchase your first motorcycle, you should consider purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle. Pre-owned motorcycles can save you money and give you more options to choose from. They're also guaranteed to be in excellent condition if you buy from a reputable dealer. However, even the best motorcycles need to be maintained to deliver the best performance. Read More …

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Preparing Your Car For The Drag Strip

Hello, my name is Liam. Welcome to my site about preparing your car for each run down the drag strip. When I started building my drag racer, I had no idea how much preparation was required before every race. I thought that my vehicle build would hold up well under the harsh demands of the quarter mile races. Over time, I learned what areas of my car to pay close attention to before returning to the starting line. I will share this information on my site to help you prepare your own vehicle for your drag race runs and motor sport events.