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Three Problems That Affect Boat Propellers

6 February 2017
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Whether you have a boat for transport, leisure, or sport, it's crucial for it to run efficiently. The propeller of your boat consists of blades that spin in the water to generate the power to thrust your boat forward. If your propeller isn't working, your boat won't run efficiently. In some cases you can find and fix the problem on your own, in other circumstances you'll need to replace the propeller or have a professional repair it. Read More …

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Hello, my name is Liam. Welcome to my site about preparing your car for each run down the drag strip. When I started building my drag racer, I had no idea how much preparation was required before every race. I thought that my vehicle build would hold up well under the harsh demands of the quarter mile races. Over time, I learned what areas of my car to pay close attention to before returning to the starting line. I will share this information on my site to help you prepare your own vehicle for your drag race runs and motor sport events.