Reasons To Put A Window Net In Your Side By Side

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Reasons To Put A Window Net In Your Side By Side

24 September 2019
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When you buy a side by side, you'll notice that this recreational vehicle will be equipped with a variety of means of keeping you safe. Your seat restraint, roll bar, and the door of the vehicle are all essential gear for keeping you safe in your seat in the event if a rollover or other type of incident. If you're someone who plans to seek thrills in your new side by side, it's always a good idea to further consider what safety upgrades you can add to your new vehicle. A window net, which is similar to those used in professional motorsports, can be an effective addition for the following reasons.

Keeping Your Head Inside

The chief priority of a window net is to keep your head inside of the side by side's roll cage, especially in the unlikely event of a rollover. While a properly fasted seat restraint should prevent your head from getting too close to the window of the side by side, you'll feel confident with the window net in place. A rollover in which your head even momentarily gets outside of the vehicle could dramatically increase your risk of an injury. The presence of a window net immediately eliminates this risk, thus making your side by side even safer.

Keeping Your Arms Inside

A window net isn't only designed to keep your head inside of the side by side in the event of a rollover. It will also help to keep your arms from leaving the vehicle. In a rollover, it can be difficult to control your limbs. While your legs will remain inside of the vehicle because the lower part of the door protects them, it's theoretically possible for one or both of your arms to exit the vehicle through the window opening. This is especially true if you let go of the steering wheel. An arm could get crushed outside of the vehicle while it rolls, but the window net will prevent this.

Keeping Hazardous Objects Outside

The prime goal of a window net is to prevent any part of your body from leaving the side by side, but this safety device also helps to prevent unwanted things from entering. For example, if you're riding down a trail at a quick pace and encounter an overgrown area, the window net may block a branch from poking into the driver's compartment of the side by side and making contact with your body. Even with a helmet on, a heavy branch has the ability to give you a nasty smack.

If you're looking for side by side vehicles for sale, be sure to consider safety factors like window nets before you purchase.

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