3 Tips To Keep Your Motorcycle In Great Shape

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3 Tips To Keep Your Motorcycle In Great Shape

15 January 2019
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A motorcycle can bring you hours of entertainment whether you ride it competitively or just to get around town. If you're new to motorsports and you're looking to purchase your first motorcycle, you should consider purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle. Pre-owned motorcycles can save you money and give you more options to choose from. They're also guaranteed to be in excellent condition if you buy from a reputable dealer. However, even the best motorcycles need to be maintained to deliver the best performance. Here are three tips to help you keep your motorcycle in excellent condition:

1. Change your oil. 

You wouldn't drive your car without changing its oil regularly, so you shouldn't do it to your motorcycle. Motor oil protects your motorcycle's engine and keeps it in good working order. If your oil runs low or gets too dirty, you could cause significant damage to your engine that might be costly to fix. Prevent this problem by checking your oil regularly. According to Best Beginner Motorcycles, you should change your oil at least every 3,000 miles.

2. Keep your tires in good shape.

Your tires are a key component to your motorcycle, so make sure to keep them in good condition. When your tire air pressure is low, you're at greater risk for an accident, and your motorcycle is less fuel-efficient. Make it a habit to check your tire air pressure at least once per week and top it up when necessary. Many gas stations offer self-service air refilling stations for free, so take advantage of this. While you check your air pressure, take the opportunity to visually inspect your motorcycle tires for leaks or damage; it's always better to catch problems early so you can fix them.

3. Take your motorcycle into a shop for regular servicing.

Most people go to the doctor at least once a year for their annual checkup. You know that regular checkups can catch small ailments before they become big problems. The same idea holds true for motorcycles. Get into the habit of taking your motorcycle into an auto shop for servicing annually. The professionals there can change your air filter and oil filter as well as check out the rest of your motorcycle's systems. You don't want to find out while you're on the road that your brakes are worn out; regular maintenance can prevent accidents and safeguard against injury on the streets.

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