Prepare For A Speedboat Race

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Prepare For A Speedboat Race

13 November 2017
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If you recently purchased a motorboat and plan to use the watercraft in an upcoming race involving maneuvering the boat around buoys in a local lake, use the tips below to prepare for the competition and stand out among other competitors. 

Learn About The Features Your Boat Possesses

Read the manual that came with the motorboat so that you can familiarize yourself with the features that the watercraft possesses. While looking at a diagram of your boat and the various buttons and dials on the boat's dashboard, locate the corresponding buttons and dials in your boat. Take your boat out onto the water and practice steering the watercraft and moving the boat across the water at various speeds until you are comfortable doing so.

Create A Homemade Course And Use A Stopwatch

Purchase some plastic buoys from a store that sells boating equipment. Take your boat out onto the water and place the buoys at various locations. Attempt to move swiftly around each of the buoys without accidentally bumping into one of the buoys. Use a stopwatch to time yourself during each attempt. During each trial, try to tie or beat your previous score.

If you have a friend who is willing to help you train for the upcoming race, ask them to monitor you while moving the boat through the water and to point out any details that they believe are holding you back from winning the impending race. For example, if your friend notices that you are not constantly focused on the water ahead of you or if they notice that you fumble with some of the boat's buttons or the steering wheel, your friend can alert you to the problem so that you can try harder to do a better job. 

Purchase A Bright-Colored Outfit, Helmet, And Signage

Purchase a waterproof outfit that is constructed of bright-colored fabric and wear the garments on the day of the competition. Buy a helmet and gloves that complement the outfit and place them inside of the watercraft so that you can put them on prior to the race.

If you haven't named your boat, consider adding vinyl signage or a customized painted sign that spells out the name of your watercraft. Think about a catchy name that reflects speed and precision. While you are cruising through the water during the race, your fans will be able to spot you and keep their eyes on you as you attempt to win the race. To learn more, contact a company like Petzold's Marine Center

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