Three Problems That Affect Boat Propellers

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Three Problems That Affect Boat Propellers

6 February 2017
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Whether you have a boat for transport, leisure, or sport, it's crucial for it to run efficiently. The propeller of your boat consists of blades that spin in the water to generate the power to thrust your boat forward. If your propeller isn't working, your boat won't run efficiently. In some cases you can find and fix the problem on your own, in other circumstances you'll need to replace the propeller or have a professional repair it. Here are three problems to check for if you're having propeller issues. 

Cracked Propeller

Check your propeller for cracks. Even tiny cracks can compromise how your propeller performs. What's more, small cracks eventually lead to stress rises, which are areas more prone to cracking during the normal function of the propeller. If you notice cracks, you can use an appropriate file to smooth out the edges to remove the crack. However, only do this yourself if you're familiar with the process. Otherwise, if you file the propeller down too much, you risk altering the original geometry, which can cause it to be less efficient as it spins in the water. If you're unsure, contact a professional to repair the propeller. Most cracked propellers can be repaired if you catch the problems in time. Keep in mind that many stainless steel propellers are treated with heat to improve strength. Unfortunately this makes them more prone to cracking. 

Worn Propeller

Over time, propellers can wear away, preventing them from working properly. However, it's sometimes difficult to tell whether or not this is the problem when your propeller stops working. You'll need to carefully look for blades that aren't naturally rounded at the tip. This is usually a tell-tale sign that the propeller blades have worn down. Often the blades wear evenly, so inspect them one by one. If you don't notice any significant wear just from looking at each blade, then go ahead and feel the edges. Edges that are worn down will feel sharp so be careful during inspection. 

Damaged Propeller

Propellers are strong and made of steel, but they're not immune to damage. In fact, damaged propellers cause a significant amount of boat problems. Luckily, this is easier to identify than other types of propeller problems. Look for blades that are bent, are chipped, or have chunks of metal missing. The blades of your propeller should look smooth and free of erosion. Damaged propellers cause your boat to run slower and require more energy to propel the boat, making it less fuel-efficient.  

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